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Is this the kind of fate you could contemplate?

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Hi there! *waves* I ramble and rant but when it comes to bios, all I come up with is BLANK! O_o

Don't be afraid to say hello! I'm not creepy and I certainly don't bite, I think... :P

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animals, archie comics, archie/betty, archie/jughead, arsenal, art, asterix, audrey hepburn, ayn rand, bagpipes, bananarama, band of brothers, basketball, bikes, books, boston red sox, british humour, calvin and hobbes, camera obscura, cars, cartoons, castle, chad michael murray, chicago cubs, chocolate, christianity, clannad, comics, cookies, cricket, criminal minds, csi, dale cooper, delirious?, duran duran, emily haines, emoticons, english, flute, football, foreign films, frank sinatra, friends, gabriela sabatini, gadgets, gaspard ulliel, geography, golf, grand theft auto, greece, greek mythology, guitar, harry potter, harry/hermione, hilarie burton, hindi movies, impressionists, india, indians, ireland, irish music, james roday, janine jansen, jazz, jeremy camp, joey/phoebe, kate beckinsale, kobe bryant, kyle maclachlan, la lakers, languages, lawki, leverage, life, literature, liv tyler, lucas/peyton, mafia, mark feehily, meg ryan, monty python, movies, music, musical instruments, my so-called life, naomi watts, natalie imbruglia, nature, new age, nuts, one tree hill, oscar wilde, peyton sawyer, pg wodehouse, philadelphia, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, psych, psychology, reading, ross/rachel, sarah slean, saving grace, saxophone, scooby doo, scooby/shaggy, screw drivers, scrubs, shah rukh khan, shane bond, shawn spencer, shawn/anyone, shawn/gus, shawn/juliet, shawn/lassiter, sicily, slash, spanish, sports, steffi graf, tennis, the corrs, the godfather, the middleman, tin whistle, tintin, tom hanks, tomb raider, tony/kate, twin peaks, tyler hilton, u2, video games, violin, wendy watson, westlife, wildlife, wilfred owen, will & grace, writing, x-games
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